Arianna Peredia

Undergraduate  Student Research Assistant
California State University, Dominguez Hills


Arianna Peredia (she/her) is a fourth year undergraduate student currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Child Development at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Currently, she is working as a Community Advocate for CSUDH La Casita: Latinx Cultural Resource Center. She plans on applying to Medical School as part of her aspirations towards a career as a Pediatrician. 


Arianna’s research interests revolve around the effects of poverty, developing adequate coping mechanisms for children with mental health disorders, and behavior therapy for children on the Autism Spectrum. A large emphasis of her interests are predominantly on children who fall within the low income and Latinx community.


Arianna is a first generation Mexican American who hopes to give back to her community by strengthening the education of the future generations. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, listening to Bad Bunny, and spending quality time with her family.